Turning vegetables into bacon , one quality hog at a time!

Our Pork Farm | enumclaw, wa

Breeding stock


All our sows are hand raised and easy to work with.  They are relaxed and content whether they are out to pasture or in a farrowing stall.  Sows are brought into a large stall (no farrowing crates) one week before farrowing and fed a high quality 18% feed to increase milk production which give piglets more gain.  

Market hogs


On our farm, we farrow 2-5 sows a month which provides us with adequate number of market hogs to grow for retail product sales as well as weaner pigs for home growing or 4-H/FFA projects.  

Breeding & Baby care


We breed using artificial insemination to expand the desired genetic traits needed to increase rate of gain and decrease number of days to market.  We breed for overall correctness including, muscling, strong feet and legs, length and width.  As well as maternal instincts and litter size.   

Natural healing


We keep dairy goats on the farm for their colostrum and milk.  Occassionally we have orphan babies, we use the goat colostrum which has the same antibodies as all the animals on the farm as the first milk for the piglets and continue to feed them goat milk which is healthier and easier to digest than replacer. 

Local history


Our farm is on 15 beautiful acres on the Enumclaw plateau.  The main barn was built in the 1930's and serves as our maternity ward and nursery.  

Healthy and happy


All our girls are happy, healthy and content.  They have free run on open pastures and large dry loafing sheds.  They love taking naps in the sun, and share their space with the free range chickens.